Megan Maya MacGregor was born to two hippie writer parents (if you couldn't tell by her name) and was destined to live a colorful life. She graduated from New College of Florida with a bachelor degree in Fine Arts. A love for the ocean and an interest in animal training led to a senior thesis on dolphin representations in mainstream art, resulting in her watercolor dolphin series. After graduation, she earned a marine mammal internship that allowed her to work with dolphins and manatees at Epcot in Orlando, Fl. (Yes, they have an aquarium.)

After finishing her internship, her desire to avoid adulting led to her opening her own dog walking business. Around this time, her roommate convinced her to paint her very first pet portrait and the rest is...still evolving. She lives in Orlando where she continues to play with puppies, create colorful paintings, teach painting classes to workaholics in bars and is currently writing her first novel which has nothing to do with any of the above.

For general inquires, compliments, questions or to order a commission from the artist, please contact her at or (561)-827-3038